London Stansted is a tertiary international airport that serves countries over Europe, Asia and Africa. Stansted is popular in the UK as it provides low-cost flying options and as of 2022, was highlighted as the fourth-busiest airport in the UK. This airport is also associated with private airlines such as Harrods Aviation, Titan Airways and XJet terminals where there are private ground handlers to take care of private and charter flights as well as state visits.

Transportation to Stansted Airport

Even though Stansted is an airport that is quite far from the centre of London, it is still connected to the train lines. London Liverpool Street Station is the direct train to Stansted Airport for those passengers who wish to take public transportation. For those that are travelling for a privately chartered flight or on a private airline and wish to take a more luxurious form of transportation, private taxis, such as Ouno, are the best choice. Ouno provides stylish and high-end vehicles that allow consumers to customize their journey to their specifications.