As one of Britain’s most well-known racecourses, Ascot plays host once a year to a special week of racing that takes place in June, known as Royal Ascot. This event is attended by hundreds of thousands of people and is one of Britain’s most anticipated of the year. World-class horse racing happens over a four day period from June 20th-24th of this year. It is the “crown jewel” of the British social and sporting season, ensuring large turnouts and making a name for itself as one of the most sought after events for Brits, and fans all over the world, to attend.

This might all sound a bit daunting if you are planning on attending the event and wondering “how am I going to get there?” We’ve got you covered in this blog that will help you navigate the best way to attend the race and everything you need to know about Royal Ascot.

What is Royal Ascot?

Founded by Queen Anne in 1711, the Ascot race has since become a British household name and was officially named a Royal week in 1911. The infamous green coats have been around since 1744 in order to help with crowd control and are known today for helping guests as they arrive and are a sign of the luxury that Royal Ascot represents. Beginning in the early 19th century, dress codes were established in order to ensure that the event was seen as the Royal event that it was. Perhaps one of the most recognizable traditions and symbols of the event is the Inaugural Gold Cup that is presented to the winners and is theirs to keep.

Every year, the event takes place at Ascot with four options of enclosures for guests to choose from at different price ranges. Windsor Enclosure has 78 tables that can each sit a maximum of six people. There are private bars and tickets priced for general admission and VIP accommodations. The Royal Enclosure is for members only. Members can enjoy a glass of champagne, afternoon tea and food while watching the race. The Village Enclosure is located on the inside of the track where guests have a trackside view and can enjoy music up until 9pm. Lastly, the Queen Anne Enclosure welcomes guests into the Parade Ring or Grand Terrace and from there visitors can watch the whole race come to life.

What to Wear To Royal Ascot 

One of the most extravagant parts of the entire event is, of the course, the outfits. What does one wear to an event with the word “Royal” in the name? The event does have a strict dress code that men and women must adhere to when entering the venue. Ladies are encouraged to wear dresses and skirts that are knee-length or longer. If trousers are preferred, matching jumpsuits are allowed as long as they still comply with the dress code in place. Lastly, hats or headpieces are a staple item. Midriffs must be covered at all times and no strapless dresses or tops are permitted within the Royal and Queen Anne enclosures. Gentleman must wear a formal suit that accompanies a collared shirt and tie. Jackets and trousers must match in both colour and pattern as well as socks that cover the ankle. Not permitted within the Royal and Queen Anne enclosures are jeans, chinos, trainers, bow ties and cravats.

How To Get To Ascot

Now that you have your outfit in place, it’s time to decide how you will be arriving at the event. Even though there are over 8,000 parking spots available at Ascot, these spots fill up quite quickly and can be fairly expensive. Public transport is always a great option, however, Royal Ascot is one of the busiest weeks of the year and public transport can easily get busy with delays expected in peak times. If you are wondering what the best way to attend the race is, hiring a car for the event is a highly-sought after option.

Luxury Travel With Ouno

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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Chauffeur?

There are a few benefits of hiring a chauffeur, especially on such a busy and chaotic day like Royal Ascot. One of the most important aspects is knowing that you will arrive at your destination on time. Chauffeurs will also be there after the event to ensure that you have a ride home as well. There doesn’t need to be any worry that you won’t get a car at the end of the day when people leave the venue and all scramble to find a way home. At OUNO, drivers are highly trained to know the ins and outs of London and can take you directly to your destination by taking the best possible routes to ensure that you get there before the event begins. Another benefit is knowing that your ride will not be cancelled, delayed and you will not fall victim to any last minute changes. It goes without saying that hiring a chauffeur allows you the luxury of travelling and arriving in style. With premium vehicles and service, customers can sit back and enjoy their ride.

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When pulling up to an event like Royal Ascot, style is everything. To get to Royal Ascot, OUNO wants to help you get there safely and, of course, in style. Start and end your Royal week with OUNO.

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