London City Airport is 6 miles east of central London and 3 miles east of Canary Wharf. These two locations comprise the pillar of London’s financial industry and are also the primary users of this specific airport. Although not as large as Gatwick or Heathrow, London City Airport is the fifth-busiest airport in terms of passengers and aircraft movement. The airport is conveniently connected to London’s Underground system which allows passengers the option of taking public or private transportation to and from the airport. Public transport is an affordable and easy option that most individuals opt for when travelling light, by themselves or in pairs. When it comes to multiple items of luggage and larger families, the best way to ensure that you remain stress-free when travelling is by securing a car, specifically, a private luxury car. Individuals travelling on business or personal occasions can choose to secure a luxury car service, such as Ouno, to bring them to and from their destination.